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Our company is one of the leading Brand in Security Steel Doors & Windows in India. We have been catering to every section of society for good many years, and have become customer’s obvious choice over the years, and continue to be one of the most trusted name in Door Industry.

We supply doors to WHOLE SALERS, RETAILERS, BUILDERS, HOTELS, MALLS, SHOW-ROOMS, HOMES, SHOPS, RESTAURANTS, across INDIA. Our company, CASA PORTA IMPEX is one of the leading importers of security steel doors and windows in India. We offer a wide range of choices, STEEL DOORS, ALUMINIUM BATHROOM DOORS, PVC DOORS, AND WOODEN DOORS (only on special order).

Why Choose Us

Heavy grade of steel deliver 10 years.

Provide single customized doors.

Widest Range of door design.

Sheet special defined as provide.

High quality lock system.

5 years warranty.

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